Government organizations, whether national or regional, need to ensure their IT systems are working at maximum efficiency – after all these are being paid for with taxpayers’ money.

iTrinegy’s network emulator products have helped government agencies meet this objective by enabling them to conduct comprehensive pre-deployment testing of new applications which greatly enhances the potential for successful roll out into the production environment and reduces the need to apply expensive retrospective fixes late in the project life cycle.

Our Products

We offer two ranges of Network Emulator products
enabling you to replicate WAN conditions and environments in seconds:

The highly scalable INE Network Emulator that can create any type of network for more complex, sophisticated emulations including fully-meshed Virtual Test Networks.


The easy-to-use NE-ONE Network Emulator boasts rapid deployment times and does not require any specialist network knowledge.


Both products are available in a number of model options to meet today's demanding requirements.

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