These errors, unforeseen consequences, and performance failures occur due to the impracticalities and costs of setting up a full network for pre-deployment testing- an issue that Software Defined Test Networks solve elegantly.

Software Defined Test Networks

Replicate Complete Tactical Networks

Model realistic tactical Software Defined Test Networks in a controlled environment, including platform-to-platform connectivity, with all combinations of land/sea/air-to-land/sea/air, convoy networks, and meshed or partially meshed networks, with one device- the iTrinegy INE Network Emulator.

Using the INE, your test environments can experience everything from perfect ‘fiber-everywhere’ connections, to the lossy, erratic networks of a hostile operational environment, allowing the user to see how performance is affected by any possible environment, and ensure communications are maintained in even the most severe of scenarios.

iTrinegy network emulators can simulate complex military networks and the condtions that impact them

International Strategic Networks in a Test Environment  

Ensure that all information from the front makes it to the back.

Create test networks that include SATCOM Hops, International DSL/Mobile network connections, SD-WAN conditions, and traditional WAN Networks to create an accurate working model of a real-world international strategic network, within the confines of a lab environment.

iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Networks enable engineers to ensure that applications will operate effectively over global Strategic Networks in all scenarios, and that crucial information always reaches the people who need it.

Combine Both – Create The Battlefield

The world is working towards ‘digitization of the battlefield’, and for this to be achieved, a test environment needs to be able to accommodate realistic networks of all configurations.

For a truly complete test environment, you will need to be able to produce tactical and strategical networks that are linked and interact in real time, to ensure that the stresses of a modern battlefield will not prevent crucial information from being successfully passed from the front line to an operations center, permitting decision making at all levels. 

Using iTrinegy’s INE, any organization can now easily and quickly produce test environments that contain both strategic and tactical networks, to understand how their application, device, or technology will endure the stresses of a modern military network.

Satellites around world med

Use Cases

Network Mesh

Cyber Warfare Simulations

The complexities of Cyber Warfare mean that assailants and defenders will need to utilize a variety of different networks to be able to compete on the digital battleground, but these real-world networks can be hard to realistically replicate in a Cyber Range test environment.

Using the INE Software Defined Test Network, you can enable your Cyber Range devices to act as if they were operating from any location on the globe, complete with RTT, Packet Loss, Bandwidth requirements and more, across a multiple of different network types, including 5G, 4G, WAN, and DSL. In other words, you can simulate an attack from anywhere in the world, via any means, within the security of your Cyber Range.

Pass Proof of Concepts & Win Bids

System Integrators, prime contractors, and military consultants will all need to demonstrate that their solutions will fit seamlessly into both tactical and strategic networks, a stage which can be very difficult and time consuming without an established and approved test environment capable or re-creating operational network conditions. 

iTrinegy Network Emulators are capable of modeling any network topology you or your customer may require in a controlled and repeatable test environment, and already trusted by the large mumber of Military institutions. Use trusted, proven technology to demonstrate your solution working on single/multiple tactical networks, or on international, multi-organizational strategic networks, successfully and quickly pass proof of concepts with low expenditure, and increase your chances of winning important contracts.

Create full strategic and tactical networks on the go with iTrinegy’s INE, and prove to decision makers that you’re prepared for any scenario.

Test New Developments Against All Network Environments Before Deployment

Join the list of military organizations and contractors that utilize iTrinegy products to test  the performance of technologies focused around Network Enabled Capability or Network Centric operations, BGANs, GIS, BATS16, C2-C4ISTAR systems, field based TCP/IP communication systems, Link 11, 16, & 22, bespoke military protocols and applications, VoIP (Voice over IP), IP over Wireless, and Radio over IP (RoIP)- and more!

Trusted by the MOD, US ARMY, Thales, Lockheed Martin & More

iTrinegy is proud of its successful history in the defense industry, becoming a mainstay in labs across the MOD, DOD, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, the US Army and more.

Find our complete list of Military and Defence users via the green button below.

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Case Studies & Technical Briefing

Here are our latest case studies on our work with the Defense Industry, and our recent Technical Briefing on  ensuring a successful  Military Application Deployment.

Case Studies

About iTrinegy

iTrinegy is a world leader in Networked Application Risk Management and is trusted by governments, military organizations and enterprises across the globe.

Established in 2008, iTrinegy develop and produce all of our product ranges, and combine years of networking experience with feedback from current users to continuously develop and improve our products. This has resulted in iTrinegy becoming the leading figure in network application performance testing, by developing Software Defined Test Network products to ensure mission-critical services are successfully delivered over all types of networks.

Security Cleared Consultations

Due to the complex natures of military networks and the ever-changing requirements of the modern battlefield, iTrinegy offer complementary consultation sessions to ensure that customer requirements are fully analysed, understood, and deliverable.

If you’re a representative for a defence organization, systems integrator, prime contractor, national military, or are otherwise tied to the Defense Industry and need a way of guaranteeing successful deployments or passing proof of concepts, complete a  contact information form  and one of our consultants will be in touch.

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