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Many leading professional services companies operate at the global level with offices and personnel located on every continent. As a result, they are frequently reliant on Wide Area and Satellite networks, with inherent high latencies and restricted bandwidth, to deliver their applications and data.

iTrinegy network emulators have been extensively deployed by professional services organizations to conduct pre-deployment testing of new applications and systems to ensure they can cope with the challenges these types of networks present. The same emulators have also been used to replicate WAN and Satellite networks to show whether WAN optimization and application acceleration technologies will actually deliver the hoped for benefits prior to making any investment.

Our Products

We offer two ranges of Network Emulator products
enabling you to replicate WAN conditions and environments in seconds:

The highly scalable INE Network Emulator that can create any type of network for more complex, sophisticated emulations including fully-meshed Virtual Test Networks.


The easy-to-use NE-ONE Network Emulator boasts rapid deployment times and does not require any specialist network knowledge.


Both products are available in a number of model options to meet today's demanding requirements.

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