Infrastructure Architect

As new technologies emerge offering different ways to deliver applications to end-users it falls to Infrastructure Architects to explore the potential benefits of these systems. iTrinegy’s tools & services will provide you with full visibility of potential network-related risks associated with deployments such as Virtualization, the Cloud, Data Center Consolidation or Mobile Applications rollout.

Using our network emulation, tools you and/or our consultants can actually “try out” your applications in any proposed new network environment, prior to transformation.

This enables you to conduct a realistic pre-deployment Proof-of-Concept and “What-If” analysis, quickly identifying issues as well as allowing potential solutions, such as WAN optimization, to be properly investigated before committing your budget or resources.

Cloud Computing, Networks & Ensuring Migration Success

Filmed at the recent Cloud Computing World Forum, Frank Puranik outlines why it is essential to understand how applications performance across networks if you are planning a move to a Cloud Computing delivery model.