System & Software Engineer

If you are a System or Software Engineer working on projects that involve the deployment of data over networks, iTrinegy’s network emulation tools are ideal for modeling a wide range of network environments in which to test application performance. These can be simple point to point networks or complex multi-segmented pathways connected over multiple locations.

Using our products you can explore the conditions in which application performance is acceptable or discover the point at which application response becomes so slow as to be regarded as being broken.

All this can be achieved in a safe environment without the need to actual use any communications infrastructure in order to conduct the test as our network emulators can replicate WAN, Wireless, Radio, Satellite, MPLS, Cloud and similar networks.

The deployment of iTrinegy network emulators in all stages of the project lifecycle can help you achieve substantial cost savings as application performance issues can be identified and corrected quickly. Their usage also delays the need for expensive field trials until much later in the project.

To find out more about how our network emulators can help you as a system or software engineer please take a look at our Application Design and Development and Application Performance Testing pages.