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Modern Games are reliant on strong, stable online connections to support crucial gameplay elements.

However, players will often be connecting to congested networks of poor quality, suffering from network impairments such as lag, packet loss, and rubber banding.

These elements can have severe consequences on crucial game components such as Multiplayer Gameplay and in-game Marketplaces.

As a consequence, developers need to test their games against poor networks before launch.

In practice, this can be quite a difficult task.

Manually creating a controllable Test Network requires a lot of knowledge, and Configuring Exact Network Conditions is very difficult and time consuming. 

This is not appropriate for the fast-paced, time-restricted environment of a modern game developer.

However, the alternative of doing nothing leaves you wide open for bugs being found by the players AFTER launch!

A quick, efficient test solution is needed…

Network Emulation- iTrinegy’s Solution for Testing Against Poor Networks

iTrinegy’s NE-ONE and INE Network Emulator ranges have been designed to allow teams to easily configure network types, and connection impairments, to allow Developers to see exactly how poor player networks will impact gameplay!

Configure Fully Meshed and Partially Meshed Networks!

Easily configure Client to Server, Peer to Peer, and any other meshed or partially meshed configurations your players will use within minutes, complete with accurate geographical latency and customized network impairments!

Meshed Networks

Create Multiple Experiences & Test Concurrently

Configure multiple different network experiences and test them on multiple test consoles at the same time! 

Cut down the bug-fixing cycle by performing multiple tests at once!


Chain Experiences Together with the Scenario Builder

Chain different network experiences together with different transition profiles to see how transitions between network qualities impacts your game!

Give your teams a better understanding about how networks will impact gameplay, and identify bugs currently interfering with a live game!

network scenario builder

Designed for ease of use and efficient testing, iTrinegy’s NE-ONE has been succesfully implemented in development studios across Europe and North America, adding another perspective to games testing and providing immediate results. 

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