NE-ONE Software Defined Test Networks

Replicate Complete Cloud Networks

A Software Defined-Test Network allows you to create the same cloud based network experiences in which to test drive applications under varying performance levels helping you to increase the accuracy of your testing and make informed decisions before making any commitment:

  • Run your real applications over one or more test networks to predict cloud performance across a highly-distributed application infrastructure
  • Identify the type of network conditions that impact application performance
  • Repeat tests time and time again
  • Determine which cloud providers meet your requirements


NE-ONE Enterprise Drawing with various pre-installed networks
NE-ONE Professional Emulator Portable Desktop Unit

Solutions matched to your Cloud Testing Needs, Knowledge & Environment

NE-ONE Software Defined Test Network products are designed to meet your cloud testing needs:

The Right Test Set-Up

Whether you need to test cloud topologies which are simple point-to-point, hub-and-spoke or meshed there will be an NE-ONE product to meet your need. Private, public and hybrid test networks can all be created to mimic the real-world scenario.

The Right Product for Your Level of Expertise

Whatever level of network knowledge you have, there will be an NE-ONE product that you will feel comfortable using.

The Right Product for Your IT Environment

Create cloud network experiences in your existing data center using powerful rack-mount appliances or deploy portable desktop units on-premise near to your users. For Virtual infrastructures we have a range of downloadable virtual appliances so that you can create cloud network conditions within the hypervisor.


Example Use Case

Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration Pre Deployment Testing

The Problem:

The company would like to move applications hosted in the Madrid Data Centre but they are concerned about networked application performance as there isn’t a local Azure region and the applications will be hosting further away from the users.

Click on the image for an enlarged view of the Microsoft Azure Link Properties set up using the NE-ONE Professional GUI

The Solution:

Install the NE-ONE Professional X2 Network Emulator at the Madrid DC so that it is inline as a bridge between the remote sites and servers. Use the NE-ONE’ Professional’s multi-link feature to create three test networks and assign to each site using the site’s IP Address. Dynamically disable the test networks should the performance be unacceptable using the NE-ONE’s Web GUI.

Cloud Migration Cloud Application Diagram
icons: Copyright © 2020 Telecom Infra Project, Inc

The Requirements:

Change the network conditions centrally for each site or group of users so that they can experience how their applications will perform in the Azure UK and Switzerland regions. It must be possible to quickly disable the test networks should application performance be unacceptable.

Click on the image for an enlarged view of the NE-ONE Professional GUI




“As we are going out to customer sites, we need a small professionally developed portable appliance that allows us to adopt a ‘more plug & play approach’, quickly setting up the required test environment and the NE-ONE Professional meets this need. It is proving very beneficial as it enables us to conduct our proof-of-concept tests very quickly at the customer site. We can implement our tests and report the results rapidly, helping the client determine the best solution for their environment”.



– How do you reliability test application
performance over the WAN?

– What do you do if the performance isn’t good enough after test?

We hope you find it useful and informative.


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