Satellite Networks

Satellite Networks put a lot of “stress” on applications that they don’t encounter in WANs or Mobile Networks. Whatever the waveband (L, S, C, X, Ku, K, Ka, etc.) the signal has to pass through the atmosphere, with distances ranging from around 1,200 miles or 2,000 km for LEO satellites to some 22,236 miles or 35,786 km each way for GEO satellites, which may be highly moisture laden or other interference may be encountered.

NE-ONE Satellite Emulation- Solution for Testing Satellite Experiences Without Satellite Expenses

By performing Satellite Network Emulation, using NE-ONE Network Emulators, these satellite conditions can be reproduced without satellites, terminals or satsims, and so application issues can easily and inexpensively be located and eliminated, before customer delivery.


NE-ONE Software Defined Test Network Technology enable you to realistically recreate the conditions of your existing or proposed satellite network in a repeatable and controlled environment.

Test Applications With Ease

Plug applications in between a client device and the servers and test your application using your real clients and servers just as though they were in the satellite network.

Realistic Pre-Launch Satellite Constellation Link Testing

Between one and hundreds of Satellite links can be configured simultaneously and failover scenarios reproduced, like the switch from one waveband to another when quality is poor. All our models can graph network statistics for many hours and log them for many months.

Additionally with Ethernet connections there is no need for expensive satellite modems or terminals and satellite eliminators (satsim) combinations.

VSAT, LEO, MEO and GEO Satellite Networks

Settings are easily adjustable for different satellite services like Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) and Starlink, set ups such as VSAT, as well as different satellite orbits like GEO, MEO and LEO and control of different loading, congestion and conditions.

Different Satellite Networks, such as VSAT, LEO, MEO, GEO, are easily created in the free-form designer

Satellite link scenario being played in the Network Scenario Builder

Chain Satellite Network Experiences in the Network Scenario Builder

Create chronological satellite network experiences using built-in transitions to mimic what can happen to satellite constellation networks in space.


Test Satellite Networks over a range of Controllable and Repeatable Scenarios

Satellite Experiences without Satellite Expenses Video

In this very short video, Frank Puranik, Principal Technologist at Calnex Solutions explains how you can test applications over real-world satellite network experiences without the expensive costs and uncontrollable conditions of renting satellite time.

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                          Satellite Experiences Without Satellite Expenses Video


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