When you're responsible for IT in Education these days you're faced with a number of Network/Application delivery scenarios that would have been unheard of in the past.

You'll need to ensure that your public website (your online brochure) performs well to all potential customers and equally these days your intranet/extranet will be used students,teaching staff and possibly parents will be used from both school/college as well as from home.  And, with students well aware these days how much they're paying for your services this can lead to a very demanding set of end users who expect excellent performance when accessing documents, assignments, homework etc.

To ensure that the applications you provide will perform well across a variety of networks including (a)dsl, cable into homes, as well as an increasing demand for mobile access, our family of Network Emulators will allow you to test your applications in all sorts of network environments to ensure that they are truly "Network Ready". 


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