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As armed forces around the world look to implement their Network Centric Warfare capabilities the ways in which information is delivered to front line troops are becoming increasingly diverse. After  many years of relying on analogue radio systems to deliver voice-based information and commands the new approach now also involves the extensive transmission of data over satellite, wireless, mobile, cloud, wide-area and similar networks.

iTrinegy network emulators can simulate complex military networks and the condtions that impact them

iTrinegy network emulators are being used by leading global defense sector contractors, as well as the US military and British MoD to develop simulated IP network environments that can be used to test the resilience of IP-based systems and equipment before they are actually deployed in the field.  Ways in which these products can be deployed include testing the performance of technologies focused around Network Enabled Capability (NEC) or Network Centric operations (NCO), C41 / C4ISTAR systems or any field based TCP/IP communication systems including bespoke military protocols and applications, VoIP (Voice over IP), IP over Wireless and Radio over IP (RoIP).


Using iTrinegy technology enables you to:

  • Develop and deploy systems, devices and applications faster
  • Inexpensively conduct systems tests in fully controllable real world network environments in the lab
  • Ensure Field Trial Success

Security-Cleared Consultancy

Given the complex nature of the networks our military customers are often trying to recreate, our engagement with them typically involves a comprehensive consultation from our Security-Cleared Network Experts to ensure their requirement is fully analysed, understood and deliverable.

Case Study

Read how Mantech used INE Enterprise to conduct pre-deployment testing of mission-critical systems

Interview - De-risking the Deployment of Applications over Military Networks

Soldier Modernisation talks to Frank Puranik from iTrinegy about how their Network Emulation technology helps the modern dismounted soldier. Read the full article.




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