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The ways in which applications are being accessed are changing. New delivery models such as the Cloud, Mobile Computing and Smart Phones require applications to travel over Wide Area Networks, Wireless, Radio and Satellite networks.

As an application developer you need to ensure the software you are designing and developing is going to cope with the network impairments commonly assoicated with these types of network, namely restricted bandwidths, high latancies, jitter, packet loss, packet erroring and packet reordering.

iTrinegy network emulators help you ensure the applications you are designing and developing work as expected when rolled out into the production network as they can mimic the network characteristics of the target environment so that you can check application performance and, if necessary, take remedial action in the early stages of the development lifecycle when the cost of re-engineering is lower.

To find our more about how our network emulators can help you as an application developer please take a look at our Application Design and Development page.


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