Network Specialist

Networks are central to the delivery of many applications and iTrinegy has produced a range of tools to help the Network Specialist ensure that the applications running over them perform satisfactorily.

Application Performance Monitoring

Our networked application performance monitoring products provide visibility of all network activity over monitored network including what applications are being used, how well they are performing and who is accessing them. Using agentless, non-intrusive packet inspection techniques, these tools help you rapidly pinpoint why an application is not performing as expected, making them ideal for both network troubleshooting and long-term monitoring.

Network Change

Our INE network emulators are perfect for exploring the impact changes in network infrastructures can have on application delivery and performance. If you are considering the deployment of applications over a new type of network (e.g. radio or satellite) they can easily recreate the characteristics (latency, jitter, loss etc.) of the proposed environment so that you can see how this will affect application behaviour prior to actual rollout. Armed with this knowledge, it is possible to develop a strategy to address any performance issues including, where appropriate, the use of network optimization and thin-client technologies.

Please check out our IT Transformation section for more information

Network Profiling

The NE-ONE Profiler can be placed into the network to non-intrusively profile current application response times and usage in the existing infrastructure.

Their real time traffic analysis facility can be deployed to create network scenarios for use with our network emulators which will replicate any proposed new network environment applications will be expected to operate in. This greatly enhances the realism of the network emulation.


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