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With their ability to replicate all types of networks (i.e. Wide Area Networks, the Cloud, over Wireless, Radio and Satellite links etc. ) iTrinegy network emulators provide testers with the ability to test application performance in a realistic simulation of the target network environment.

Benefits of Deploying iTrinegy Network Emulators include:

  • The ability to test new, unproven software in a safe offline environment which will not impact other, mission-critical applications running in the production network
  • Complete control of the network parameters (bandwidth, latency, packet loss etc.) so any changes in you observe in application performance are directly related to the changes you make in the network environment. Relying on a live network means that the activities of other users could have an impact on the performance of the application under test and give “false” feedback
  • Consistent and Repeatable Test Conditions - Any test scenarios you create using our emulators can be saved for subsequent reuse and you can be confident that the network conditions will be the same. Achieving such consistency is almost impossible to achieve with a live network as you cannot guarantee the same network conditions will apply today or in two weeks time when you come to repeat the test

To find out more about how our network emulators can help you as a tester please take a look at our Application Performance Testing page.



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