Application Performance Monitoring

Rapidly Identify the True Causes of Poor Application PerformanceProfiler Plus Screen on Monitor

Why is the application slow? When end-users experience poor application response times they always have a favourite scapegoat - it’s the network, it’s the server, it’s the application. iTrinegy’s Application Response Time Monitoring technology can rapidly pinpoint the true cause of the problem, helping to cut time wasted in frustrating exploration.

iTrinegy's Application Performance Monitoring technology measures and records actual (rather than simulated) application response times for every transaction made to your key applications. It summarizes all of the network traffic, network users, applications and associated utilisation.

For example, you can use iTrinegy's Application Response Time Monitoring technology to determine:

  • Whether it is a network or server issue
  • Who is effected (single or multiple users)?
  • Where in the network the problem exists?
  • What is running over the network?
  • Whether other applications or traffic types are responsible
  • Is the other traffic relevant or undesirable - is someone updating their Facebook account, watching Reality TV or making Skype calls?
  • What other requests are being issued to the server?

In just a few clicks, you can drill-down to quickly find out:

  • How much delay is there on the PC side of the network?
  • How much delay is there on the server side of the network?
  • How much delay comes from the application?

Armed with this information it is easy to work out what’s causing the problem and who’s best able to resolve it.

Can’t I do this using a sniffer?

While it is possible to use a Network Protocol or Packet Analyzer (commonly described as a sniffer) to resolve application performance issues, these tools are not suitable for rapid problem identification. The problem is that sniffers are designed to capture all the passing packets and as a result, in only a very short period of time, they will have accumulated large quantities of data which must then be analyzed in order to determine the problem. Sifting through this data can take even the most experienced user several hours.

With iTrinegy's Application Performance Monitoring technology packets are not captured and stored. Rather, the packets are inspected in real time and application response and usage meta data is stored on the data base. This allows easy investigation in just minutes of switching on/plugging in as well as the ability to hold data for significant time periods – a useful feature for trend analysis.



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