Virtualization Testing

Virtualization Proof-of-Concept Testing

When considering virtualization you need to understand:

  • How your applications are performing in the pre-virtualization environment
  • How the applications are likely to perform when you migrate them into the new virtualized environment in order to see if you will get a worthwhile ROI
  • How the applications perform once they are placed in the new virtualized environment

iTrinegy provides application performance monitoring and testing technology to assist you with this.

Pre-Virtualization Analysis

iTrinegy AppQoS or AppQoS-Live! can be deployed to monitor existing networked application response times and usage. The resultant information can then be used to conduct pre and post virtualization comparisons of application performance.


iTrinegy AppQoS profiles existing network traffic

Pre-Deployment Testing

Virtualization involves the migration of the existing severs and applications over to the new physical server where the new virtual servers will be set up.

How well will applications perform in the new network environment

This could result in user access being achieved over WANs with resricted bandwidth, latency and packet loss issues.

Having understood how well (or badly) applications are running in the current environment, the next stage is to replicate the new virtualized world including all the expected restrictions in terms of access to the Virtual Server NICs.


iTrinegy Network Emulators replicate the proposed new network environment so that you can check performance prior to deployment

iTrinegy Network Emulators can be deployed to recreate the network conditions of the new environment in which you can test how applications will perform before making the investment in the new virtualization technology. This ability to conduct realistic pre-deployment testing can help convince your senior decision makers about the benefits of adopting the new virtualized approach.

Post-Deployment Monitoring

Once you have implemented your virtualization strategy, it makes sense to check the anticipated performance gains are being achieved. Once again, iTrinegy AppQoS can used to monitor response times and performance once application have been migrated. It is also a great technology for monitoring application usage as well.


iTrinegy AppQoS can used to monitor response times and performance once applications have been migrated


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