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Simulation Vs Emulation - Key Differences



  • Based on Calculations and Mathematical Formulas
  • Runs Real Algorithms on Real Network Traffic
  • Does not have to operate in Real-Time
  • Operates in Real-Time
  • Mathematically models Real-World Networks
  • Mimics Real-World Networks
 Network Simulation is often confused with Network Emulation but they are not the same thing, and have very different purposes. Network Simulation is used to model the behaviour of a network by calculating the interaction between the different network entities using mathematical formulas. Network Simulators are generally used for academic or research purposes. Unlike a Network Emulator, you cannot usually run real network traffic through a Network Simulator.  Network Emulators are used by organizations that need to verify application performance in an environmentthat accurately replicates the real-world networks. Network Emulators subject real network traffic to network impairments, in order to mimic the experience of a real-world network.

iTrinegy offers a range of WAN Emulation products to enable you to realistically recreate the conditions of your existing or proposed network in a repeatable and controlled environment. iTrinegy Network Emulators are available on a range of platforms and model options, to best suit your requirements.





Furthermore, using one of iTrinegy's network emulators will enable you to make changes to, and model a network environment in ways that your network manager would simply not allow in the live network or enable you to model how the application will work over new networks that you do not have ready access to.

iTrinegy Network Emulator products can be used to emulate a variety of networks including:

  • High Latency WANs
  • Jittery Networks
  • Networks that lose and/or damage traffic
  • QoS based networks
  • Routed Networks

and all combinations of these network types.

Typical network types, and network impairments that can be realistically replicated using an iTrinegy Network Emulator include:

Tick2 WAN Tick2 Bandwidth Restrictions
Tick2 LAN Tick2 Delay (Latency & Jitter)
Tick2 Mobile (3G, 4G, etc.) Tick2 Packet Re-ordering, Packet Error & Packet Loss
Tick2 Cloud, Satellite, (A)DSL +More Tick2 Traffic Shaping & Traffic Prioritization (QoS) - INE Enterprise & INE Ultra only.

See our Network Emulator Products for more information.


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