Customer Testimonials

As a testing house there has always been a requirement for us to be able to replicate a wide variety of network environments. To meet these business needs we have purchased and utilised a range of products from iTrinegy since 2009, products ranging from the NE-ONE Enterprise Compact to the powerful NE-ONE Enterprise. Throughout the lifecycle of all of our iTrinegy products our organisation has always taken out support which we have found to be excellent.

On numerous occasions when a service request has been raised, iTrinegy have always been proactive in understanding the problem, not only solving the technical problem but restoring us back to full productivity when we have been impeded by a failure with a product. iTrinegy have always ensured that a good business relationship has been in place, with regular meetings being held to ensure that we as a business are aware of their roadmap and they are still current with how we are using their products.

After 6 years of using their products, they still meet our needs and to that end we have recently upgraded all of our obsolete iTrinegy products to the (very green) NE-ONE Professional’s and the newer model NE-ONE Enterprises.


Simon Upcraft / MoD Land Systems Reference Centre

iTrinegy’s support to us as a studio has honestly been amazing from the very first day we had set up the NE-ONE Professional Emulation kit. Any issues we have found are quickly responded to and resolved by their amazing support team. It’s allowed us as a studio to get to connection issues very quickly and fixing these issues before we put our product out to the user

Their Scenario builder feature is outstanding as it allows us to emulate real world network environments and tackle issues during the development stages. The NE-ONE Professional is an amazing piece of kit that i believe more companies that are expanding towards network dependant applications should be using.


Troy Germain / Ubisoft Future Games of London
I have previously worked with one other WAN Emulation solution (Shunra) and the overall experience and feature set of Shunra’s offering was dissatisfying. When I found out about iTrinegy I was blown away by their offering and support. iTrinegy product is scalable, simple to setup/configure and requires almost zero maintenance. In my opinion they are top brand when comes to network emulation. iTrinegy engineers were able to customize their application based on our requirements by adding features that didn’t exist there before. They are very professional and always ready for conversation.
Sebastian Ficek / Nether Realm Games

What I really liked was its ease-of-use. Some emulation products can be complex to set up and use and if you don’t use them on a regular basis you have to go through a learning curve every time to familiarize yourself with it again. By comparison, the NE-ONE Professional was super simple. Even junior engineers can “figure out” the GUI in minutes without much training or reading the manual!


Kris Sekula / Cisco Testing Center of Excellence

This really allows us to push our testing. You can create a multitude of scenarios with the scenario builder and tailor it to what you want, and really fine tune the connection to fit the needs of the test. We hadn’t been able to do this before at all.

Dimitri Eloy / Accenture

We have one of their network emulators (NE-ONE Professional), we refer to as the green box of lag. Hugely helpfully little bit of kit that suits us well. Very please with the relationship we have and I always try to stay in touch. If network latency/performance is important to what you do then I encourage you to take at look at what iTrinegy has to offer.


Mathew Burnett / Jagex

The iTrinegy solution helps us deliver optimized IP encoding and decoding solutions to the market. Ultimately it ensures our customers that VITEC products are very effective in lossy IP network, giving them the confidence to deploy VITEC technology into their streaming environments

Thierry Trocme / VITEC

We no longer have to ship products around the world to test. Also, because the Internet is inherently
unreliable, it’s great to be able to perform the tests immediately and repeat the scenarios reliably. It speeds up our testing and assures our customers that our technology is doing what they need it to do.

David Fowler / Garland Partners

In terms of set up, I would say that within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box we had the NE-ONE Professional set up exactly as we wanted to. It is one of the simplest pieces of test kit I have ever used”.

“The outlay for an NE-ONE Professional is modest. We have achieved multi-fold ROI very quickly with it by being able to conduct realistic proof-of-concepts prior to signing up line rentals with the carriers.  It has helped to demonstrate the robustness of our financial trading solutions and given our customers the reassurance that when they invest in our products, they are going to work as expected. All in all, it has been a Win/Win situation.”


Cliff Wilton / iMarket Communications

What made us choose the NE-ONE Professional over the competition was its simplicity of use. Our QA team, in particular, also likes working with the visual scenario editor which enables them to build complex scenarios from pre-prepared “standard” examples making the process become much faster and approachable.

NE-ONE Professional’s Network Scenario Builder is one of the best features the network emulator offers, as it makes it easier to use for less tech savvy testers. Other solutions we evaluated offered almost no reusability of configurations”. 


Marcin Pieprzowski / CD PROJEKT RED

I have personally worked with many WAN Emulation solutions including Shunra, Open Source, and others as part of Performance Engineering projects and iTrinegy is mine and my companies go to solution for Performance Engineering projects. It is very quick to setup, easy to use, very scalable for accurate/reliable performance testing, has great built in features for modeling simple or complex network scenarios, and has good reporting capabilities. As a company their team is great to work with and very professional!

Bill Karounos / TransformaTech

I’ve worked with Itrinegy for several years. I use their WAN Emulation products because they are beautifully straightforward and intuitive to use, cost effective and solidly built, both hardware and software. I would have no hesitation in recommending Itrinegy, their products and the company, to anyone.

Cliff Chapman

I’m often involved in projects where we are asked to move an application from the site where users are located to a cloud or corporate datacenter very far away. The first thing the client wants is to be sure that the user experience will remain acceptable and that it will not reduce productivity.

No matter which complex calculations, pilots, measurements or expensive demos you make, you will never convince the client; jmeter and formulas don’t replicate real user activity and perception. Things go worse when you are asked to guess if the network connection will require more bandwidth or quality, and how much, or how to tune the sophisticated wan optimization software to assure quality of service.

With NE-ONE Professional we are able to simulate realistic or worst network conditions, just placing it between the users and the application local in the site. It can be running for weeks, covering any conceivable application usage pattern, and the users get convinced and comfortable with the project; they can even verify themselves, with a simple ping tool or equivalent, that the delay, jitter and packet loss they would expect is there (virtually).


Parfun Parfun / it4logistics

While dealing with my engineering projects, I worked with so many networking softwares and virtual appliances including the iTrinegy NE-ONE Professional Flex Emulator, however up to now, the latter is still my favorite solution that I have ever worked with. iTrinegy products are quick and easy to use while being a time management solution too. personally, i found its solutions so smart, intuitive and enjoyable to deal with.