The Importance of Virtualization to the Market

Last week we launched, to great fanfare, our virtual version of our NE-ONE network emulator, for VMware in the first instance. For us as iTrinegy, this was a land mark moment, expanding our product suite into the virtual world and delivering another technology first.

Some may not have shared our excitement, seeing this as an underwhelming addition to the product line – another check box completed.  

But it’s not just another check box.  This is really important, and not only to iTrinegy, but to all our existing and potential customers, large and small, all over the world.

For ages now, companies’ development, testing and P.O.C environments have been fully virtualized and in many cases outsourced at the same time. This trend is only set to continue and so we come to the crux – regardless of who you are, you need to make sure that the application works, and this can only be done through testing them in a number of real world simulated network environments. But now, as the whole development environment is virtualized, you have no way of making that happen.  

Had your environment not been virtualized, you could have used one of iTrinegy’s award-winning emulator appliances, but there is no way of introducing them easily or practically into a fully virtual environment. So, you have to either go through the painful process of extracting the app into your own physical network or you give up and your application is at severe risk of not working in the real world.

However, now you don’t have to face that problem as we have enabled you to recreate any network environment virtually. What is more, they said it couldn’t be done – which only strengthened our resolve to prove the experts wrong!  After some re-architecting, 2 years hard work and knowhow from both iTrinegy and Intel, we are proud to launch NE-One Flex.

You can simply load NE-ONE Flex into your virtual environment and easily direct your network traffic to pass through it. It will be the real world network you need.  And because it works even if your environment is completely outsourced, in the cloud, you can replicate your worst case network environment scenarios and measure the performance of your application.

Hence performance testing in a virtual development environment is not just a big deal to us, but should also be a big deal to you!