iTrinegy Network Emulation

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What is an iTrinegy Network Emulator?
An iTrinegy Network Emulator provides sophisticated network packet manipulation so that applications and data transfers appear to have traversed real-world networks.

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An iTrinegy Network Emulator faithfully recreates the same impairment conditions (latency, loss, bandwidth, jitter, congestion, etc.) as real-world networks but in the “lab”.  iTrinegy technology allows organizations to mitigate the risks associated with deploying applications and transmitting data over networks including Mobile, WAN, WiFi, Cloud, Internet, Satellite and Radio, or any combination of these.

Why use Network Emulation?
Today’s applications are delivered over private and public networks, many of which are challenging in terms of their effect on application performance and data delivery. Failure to properly verify an application’s performance under real-world network conditions can result in:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Damage to brand reputation
  • High remediation and resource costs
  • Loss of life in military or first-responder situations

iTrinegy Network Emulation technology is applicable to almost every industry with a broad product range that meets the requirements and budget of almost any situation.

iTrinegy is trusted by governments, military and enterprises across the world.

Next Steps

We would be very happy to discuss your requirement in more detail or to provide you with an online demonstration of our emulator products so please just fill in our Information and Demo Request Form and we will get back to you to arrange a suitable date and time.