Trinegy’s INE Enterprise now offers a Visual Simulation of a Networked ‘Cloud’ environment

‘Offering Greater clarity and visibility of the cloud ’

Cambridge, UK, and Reno, USA, 2010, 28th September, 2010. — iTrinegy, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ experts, announced today a major upgrade (Version 5.0) to their INE-Enterprise Network Emulator. The upgrade delivers, through real-time simulation, a visual representation of a cloud network which can be experienced rather than just viewed.

INE Enterprise replicates any type of network environment from the simplest point to point through to the complexities of a cloud network. Like a simulator it lets you draw the “Cloud” network BUT it goes a stage further allowing the ‘users’ or ‘subset of users’ to experience how applications perform in any “cloud” environment prior to actual deployment.

“Cloud vendors without exception all rely on Networks, which are fundamental to the successful outcome of any cloud deployment” says Frank Puranik, CTO for iTrinegy. “Understanding and experiencing the performance of any application should be top priority for deployment over a cloud network and being able to visualise the performance in real time is what we are now offering with this new release.”.

Using wired connectors, INE Enterprise maps a cloud network and then users will be able to experience how applications will perform given all the different network characteristics that occur in “Clouds” from wireless, WAN and ADSL through to Satellite and mobile networks.

iTrinegy’s new upgrade with its multi-site, multi-path and multi-user network simulation is now 3 x faster than its predecessor and further enhancements to INE Enterprise include full access via a web browser.

“In conclusion” said Frank “In cloud computing in whatever guise IaaS, SaaS or PaaS, applications need to traverse the network and make no mistake they will be impacted by adverse network issues such as latency, jitter, packet drops etc; but with this latest release, we have left nothing to chance or luck, we have even added ‘true’ remote location views, such as home workers, mobile wireless units, outlaying offices which when placed within the graphical cloud facsimile will show a true picture of how apps will be impacted”.

INE Enterprise ensures an application will work and perform as intended in its target network without the requirement for painful and expensive retrospective fixing, re-coding or re-designing. The types of network INE Enterprise can emulate include high latency WANs, Satellite, Wireless networks (3G, WiFi, WiMAX), QoS-based networks (i.e. MultiProtocol Label Switching, or MPLS), Radio over IP (RoIP) and Routed networks.