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Verify Solutions logoVerify Solutions appointed as Value Added Reseller for iTrinegy Solutions

London, United Kingdom, April 5, 2017 – iTrinegy, market leaders in mitigating risk associated with application performance over networks, announced today that it has signed an agreement for Verify Solutions, a network and application performance specialist consultancy, to be a Value Added  Reseller (VAR) for iTrinegy’s award-winning network emulation and network profiling technologies.

All application deployments carry significant potential risk. The consequences of failure can include:  High Remediation Costs, Loss of Revenue, Brand Reputation and even Injury or Death for military and blue light services.  Therefore, it is imperative that organizations effectively predict and manage the risks associated with application performance over networks.

“I am delighted that Verify has become an iTrinegy VAR; this was a natural consequence of some very successful pilot implementations we collaborated on at Verify customers. I am confident that with Verify’s  proven track record of successfully delivering IT projects to leading UK organizations, operating in both the public and private sectors, this will be a very successful partnership,” said Graham Wood, Director of iTrinegy. “Verify’s experience and expertise in performance testing makes them the ideal partner to deliver our Application Risk Management (AppRM) solutions and we are delighted to be formal business partners.”

iTrinegy offers solutions for de-risking application deployments into the network, with a suite of products that address pre-deployment network profiling and benchmarking , pre-deployment application testing and post-deployment application performance monitoring. The ability to verify application performance prior to actual rollout greatly enhances the chances of achieving a successful deployment and significantly reduces the need for expensive retrospective fixing, re-coding or re-designing.

Ian Cleveland, Managing Director of Verify Solutions said, “We’re especially pleased with this partnership. The iTrinegy solutions address the real needs we see from our customers seeking to address today’s complex IT challenges.  Delivering critical performance reporting, transcending both pre- and post- application deployment scenarios within one product suite, significantly enhances our capability and ultimately will ensure greater quality and performance for our customers.”

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