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Carl: Project Manager - Server Relocation

A short explainer video about how you can verify that users will not be negatively impacted when considering Data Center and Server Relocations and Consolidations.

Mike: Network Manager - SD-WAN

This short video explains how you can use virtual test networks to conduct realistic SD-WAN proof-of-concept testing in a fully controllable and repeatable environment, making the task of evaluating different vendor solutions much easier to achieve.

Holly: QA Manager - Games Testing

Find out how Holly ensures all her games are Network-Ready before their release.

James: Network Specialist - VTN

Watch this short video to find out more about why iTrinegy Network Emulators are used by Network Specialists.

Why iTriengy Makes Bad Networks

A very short video explaining the reasons why iTrinegy creates 'bad' networks.

Virtual Test Networks for Software Developers and Testers

A short explainer video showing how software developers and testers in a DevOps environment can test application performance and the user experience prior to release using iTrinegy Virtual Test Networks.

Why Testing in Real World Networks is Critical

At the recent Tricentis Accelerate 2016, iTrinegy's Frank Puranik explains Why Testing in Real World Networks is Critical


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