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Certified Virtual Appliance for ESXi Server

Using your web browser quickly and easily create point-to-point networks including LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, (A)DSL, Mobile and Satellite.  Limit bandwidth, increase latency and apply other conditions including packet loss, errors, duplication, re-ordering and more. Configure multiple links (network experiences) inside the NE-ONE Professional at the same time.  Use the Network Scenario Builder to automatically create real-world network experiences like a train journey, walking around a city or in the home.  Ideal for developers, testers and network professionals.

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If you need to create meshed or partially meshed networks as well as point-to-point then the NE-ONE Enterprise Network Emulator is the perfect choice.  With built-in Virtual Routers, Soft Ports and multi-user features the NE-ONE Enterprise is the gold standard in enterprise class Network Emulators.  Network Professionals throughout the world use the NE-ONE Enterprise’s Drawing GUI to create models of sophisticated network topologies in which to test applications, devices or data transfer.

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