May 2, 2024

Moving Objects - NE-ONE Enterprise Demonstration

Are you developing or testing applications and services that need to function in data networks containing moving objects where network parameter values are changing rapidly, such as LEO satellite constellations, aircraft in flight, vehicles on the move or train, journeys?

Join us on May 2, 2024 when we will demonstrate how the latest version of the Calnex NE-ONE Enterprise network emulator enables you, without the need to be a programming expert, to easily automate dynamic changes in network impairment values, and network routing over time.

Session 1: 11:30 India / 14:00 Hong Kong/Beijing / 15:00 Tokyo / 16:00 Australia –  Book your place

Session 2: 14:00 UK / 15:00 CET / 09:00 Eastern –  Book your place

Session 3: 10:00 Pacific /13:00 Eastern  – Book your place  

November 30, 2023

Achieve realistic TDMA-based Tactical Data Link Modeling and Simulation without the need for a Radio Environment.

With the TDMA protocol being central to Link 16’s ability to deliver mission-critical intelligence across multiple domains, it is important to factor in this component of the network when conducting pre-deployment applications or systems testing, or running training exercises.

To address this need, Calnex is pleased to announce the release of the new NE-ONE Enterprise TDMA Mesh feature that emulates many different bearers of opportunity, allowing for enhanced testing fidelity and the simulation of complex and dynamic networks.



AUGUST 9th 2023

Intelligent Network Packet Replay

Join the NE-ONE Product Management team for a deep dive into the new Packet Replay and Intelligent Packet Replay features. In this webinar, you will get a first look at the key capabilities all designed to help you to improve and optimise your application performance testing.

Webinar topics include:

  • Packet Replay: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • The importance of Intelligent Packet Replay in Application Testing
  • How Intelligent Packet Replay adds realism across the test network
  • Scaling up: Digital Twin or Digital Sibling

MAY 4th 2023

Network Emulation in the Cloud

While DevOps in the cloud has been around for some time, the adoption of Network Emulation in the cloud has only recently begun.

Join us for a free webinar as we explore the benefits, barriers and considerations of running a Network Emulator in AWS or Azure, as well as how you can chart a successful deployment.

Webinar topics include:

  • Benefits of Network Emulation in the Cloud for Development and Test teams
  • Barriers of running Network Emulators in the Cloud
  • Considerations for AWS and Azure cloud environments
  • How you can ensure success with the NE-ONE Network Emulator

FEBRUARY 3rd 2022

Bringing Reality to Private 5G Testbeds (and Other Networks)

5G promises to significantly improve network performance by providing higher bandwidth and lower latency. The reality is that just like its predecessor there will be occasions when 5G is imperfect or other networks will impair application performance. Join this webinar to learn how you can enhance your test setup to ensure that your 5G-enabled products are Network Ready.

In this webinar, David Roberts, CTO Special Projects, CW outlines examples of how the CW private 5G testbed provides a controlled and predictable environment in which companies can develop and test next-generation, 5G-enabled products.

We will then examine the role iTrinegy Software Defined Test Network technology is playing, within the CW Testbed, in modeling real-world networks so that companies fully understand the level of network performance variance their 5G offering can tolerate. Adopting this approach has enabled organizations to identify and remedy defects earlier in the development cycle, leading to improved product quality and significant cost savings including reducing the need for multiple field trials.

iTrinegy’s Frank Puranik will expand on this by looking at the wider network environment and how you need to factor this into your testing process in order to ensure that you have properly assessed the risk that degraded networks will have on your 5G-enabled applications and devices.

November 18th, 2021

creating bad multiplayer networks - how to break your games in the studio so they don't break in your players' homes!

Anticipating how a multiplayer game will endure the hugely different connections that players will be using can be an absolute nightmare for QA teams. High latency, low bandwidth, lost packets, NAT types – these are just a few of the many stresses that a player’s home or mobile network can place onto a game, and en masse they can totally ruin the game’s online experience. To make things worse, they’re notoriously difficult to re-create in lab environments, meaning they’re very difficult to resolve before the game is released.

However, iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Networks can model any real world network in a controllable, repeatable, secure and accurate test environment, allowing you to run pre-launch multiplayer tests with totally realistic conditions in the studio, to ensure that your game works perfectly outside of the studio!

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can:

– Create models of international Meshed, ‘Host Election’, and Client-to-Server network configurations within a local QA facility

– Give each test console unique network conditions that reflect their real-world counterparts

– Run multiplayer tests that reflect real world player connections for augmented QA tests

JULY 15TH, 2021

Expensive & Unrealistic - The Problems with Testing over Live SATCOM Networks

In this webinar, we show how iTrinegy’s Software Defined Test Networks can cost-effectively re-create any SATCOM environment you may need for testing, including:

– Satcom connections between two or more end points

– Modeling Controllable LEO, MEO, GEO, and VSAT Connections On Command

– Modeling WAN Topologies with SATCOM hops

– Modeling Satellite Constellations with ‘actual’ Satellite to Satellite Comms in a Secure Offline Environment

For more information on testing over satellite networks visit https://itrinegy.com/solution-by-task/satellite-link-simulation/

MAY 6TH, 2021

How to create test networks for SD-WAN Proof of Concepts

When organizing a Proof-of-Concept for SD-WAN, finding a network that can be used for testing is notoriously difficult.

However, iTrinegy have developed a solution that allows you to easily create accurate test networks in which you can connect real SD-WAN equipment and where you have complete control over the bandwidth, latency, jitter, loss and more.

In this Webinar we will cover how you can create test networks capable of modeling international and local connections over point-to-point, hub and spoke and meshed topologies, and more.

For more information on SD-WAN Testing visit https://itrinegy.com/solution-by-task/sd-wan-testing/

March 18th, 2021

Software Defined Test Networks: The Innovative Way to Improve Field Trial Success

Conducting a field trial is an expensive task, and if a product fails, rescheduling further trials can be very costly, and can cause long delays to a project’s schedule. One way to mitigate this is to realistically re-create, in your test lab, the degraded real-world network conditions likely to be encountered in the trial.  

In this short (40 minute) online session, we explain how you can improve your field trial preparations by using Software-Defined Test Networks to mimic the challenging network conditions of any field trial, or proof-of-concept, within your own testing environments, in order to check system, application or device performance, pass field trials and stress technologies like SD-WAN, Cloud and 5G.

We will cover:

  • How field trial networks are different to lab networks, and why these conditions cause products to fail
  • The different connection issues that cause products to fail
  • How iTrinegy helps defense organizations reach successful trials 


JANUARY 21th, 2021

Why Mobile Networks can be a Mobile Game’s Best Friend - And Worst Enemy

Are you a Mobile Game Developer, keen to have a better understanding of how networks impact gameplay, and learn the ways in which you can model different player connections within your lab for more advanced, sophisticated, and reliable QA tests?

In this free webinar, we’ll be taking 25 minutes to talk about how mobile networks support some industry defining features, but also how they can be a nightmare for QA teams across the globe, and can cause massive damage to a game if left unaddressed.

We’ll Explore:

  • Why different player connections can cause a game to fail
  • Why network-induced errors are notoriously hard to re-create
  •  If 5G is really going to be the all-in-one solution that we all hope that it will be

And then discuss what studios can do differently to prevent these errors from ever ruining the player experience, both now, and in the future.

NOVEMBER 26th, 2020

iTrinegy INE Network Emulator V2020 Release Preview

iTrinegy’s Senior Technical Specialist, Frank Puranik previews the major new release of INE Network Emulator which represents a quantum leap in usability and functionality.

In this 45 min sessions we will show you:

  • the All New Web GUI, incorpirating the highly visual Network Topology Wizard, which enables rapid selection of different network types, from single point-to-point links to complex meshed networks, and will have you up and running in a fraction of the time, compared to manually drawing them.
  • the All Network Scenario Builder, already proven in our NE-ONE range, which enables you to “drag and drop” individual network emulations into a timeline so that you can easily dynamically vary the test conditions over time reflecting real world situations, like degradation or outrages.
  • the All Easier Test Automation and improved integration with our third-party testing technologies through the increased use of our new RESTful API
  • the All Reporting capability, automatically produces html reports on Configuration, Test Traffic, Application Data, Application Performance, and more with embedded graphs and tables.

June 4th, 2020

Why Software-Defined Test Networks are Critical for Digital Transformation Projects

If your organization is undertaking transformations such as Datacenter Consolidation, SD-WAN, Home Working, Migration to the Cloud, Enhanced Cyber Security etc, you risk irretrievable damage unless you ensure applications and services will operate successfully in what will now be distributed networks.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how SDTNs eliminated these risks for forward-looking organizations in sectors such as finance, gaming and defense.

What attendees will learn:

  • What are the risks?
  • The impact of doing nothing
  • How to eliminate these risks
  • How SDTNs are the answer

Who should attend:

  • Network Professionals (Network Engineers, Network Managers, Network Administrators)
  • Network Application Performance Engineers
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Developers / QA
  • Systems Integrators • VARs

Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 11.00 AM Pacific / 2.00 PM Eastern / 7.00 PM BST.


may 6th, 2020

INE V9 Product walk-through

INE Network Emulator Openstack VMware

Join this 45 minute webinar, including a live demonstration to get up to speed with the latest enhancements available in Version 9 of the INE Network Emulator.

V9 has been created in response to industry developments and customer feedback and now enables you to:

  • Deploy the INE Emulator into your production network as well as laboratory networks
  • Handle multiple Cloud meshed networks such as SD-WAN
  • Test in a wider range of virtualized environments

New Features in this Release include:

  • Support for SNMP, LADP login, SSL Encryption
  • NAT, including Dynamic/Symmetric NAT, Port Forwarding, Source & Destination NATting
  • Improved Performance: Significantly higher internal packet throughput, mesh network & VLAN processing on the same hardware
  • Improved “Cloud” mesh, allowing dynamic changes to the mesh, tracing and packet capturing
  • OpenStack / KVM Support (in addition to VMware)

plus more…

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 at 9.00 AM Pacific / 12.00 PM Eastern / 5.00 PM BST.

Email us for the recording link 

may 20th, 2020

ne-one v5 preview

Join this short overview  webinar, including a live demonstration for a preview of NE-ONE Network Emulator Version 5

V5 has been created in response to customer feedback and now incorporates:

  • ​The addition of Network Address Translation (NAT) capability to enhance the test set-up
  • Link Color-Coding to provide visual representation of Link Quality Status e.g. red for degraded
  • Enhanced user configuration options including preference set-up and the ability to upload of your own SSL certificate
  • Platform Operating System upgrade including the latest approved security updates.

plus more… 

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 at 9.00 AM Pacific / 12.00 PM Eastern / 5.00 PM BST.

more information on ne-one

NE-one refresher sessions

april 2020

Head over to our Training Courses page to watch recordings from our NE-ONE Refresher sessions including:

  1. How to Set up and Configure Your NE-ONE – January 22, 2020
  2. Creating Your First Network Emulation – February 5, 2020
  3. How to Use the Network Scenario Builder – February 19, 2020
  4. Understanding Network Impairments – March 4, 2020
  5. Understanding Network Latency – March 11, 2020
  6. Understanding Packet Loss – March 31, 2020  
  7. Understanding Packet Duplication and Reordering – April 8, 2020
  8. Understanding Packet Fragmentation and Bit Errors – April 22, 2020

March 19th, 2020

Why Games break over poor networks

Join one of our webinars where we talk about some common causes of user complaints when a network-reliant game goes live, all drawn from real-life examples from our customers in the games sector, and showing how easy creating real-world networks can be with iTrinegy’s NE-ONE, allowing testers to play the game over poor, erratic networks, with consoles behaving as if they were operating in locations all across the globe, all from the comfort of the QA Lab.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Setting up bad networks that mobile games regularly experience
  • Using the NE-ONE’s advanced settings to break console games
  • How to capture data and bring teams together to get results
Games testing

October 15TH & 16th - 2019

broadcast and live streaming - ensuring a positive viewer experience

Are you responsible for the successful deployment and maintenance of a streaming service, outside broadcast, a Broadcast WAN, or other network-reliant technology or applications?

The variable quality of available networks in different locations can present challenges for both the service providers and their audiences and it can be difficult to anticipate these hazards in pre-event testing as they will only appear when your broadcast network quality is impacted by the stresses of the real world.

In this webinar you will learn how, using a Virtual Test Network, you can create a controllable and repeatable broadcast test network environment including bandwidth limitations, congestion, latency, jitter, bit errors, queuing, packet loss and variable quality of service.  A Virtual Test Network enables you to stress broadcast technology and services in order to identify and resolve network-related performance issues before they are deployed for real.

In this webinar we cover:

  • The Impact of Bad Networks on Viewer Experience
  • What a Virtual Test Network is.
  • A Live Demo of Streaming over a Virtual Broadcast Test Network
  • A Use Case Story
Broadcasting over ip Networks

December 6th - 2018

Satellite Experience without the Satellite Expense


Satellite Networks put a lot of “stress” on applications that isn’t usually encountered in WANs or Mobile Networks. Using real satellite networks for testing can not only be expensive, but also unrealistic as they do not allow you to mimic, on demand, different atmospheric conditions or network characteristics in order to conduct effective testing.  So, how can organizations have the confidence that their applications will be usable over satellite networks?

In this webinar you will learn how using a Virtual Test Network you can create a controllable and repeatable satellite test environment including bandwidth limitations, congestion, high latency, high jitter, bit errors, queuing, packet loss and variable quality of service.  A Virtual Test Network significantly reduces the costs of conducting application performance tests as it eliminates the need to use satellite dishes, satellite modems or terminals and also delays the need to conduct expensive live satellite field trials until much later in the project life cycle.

In this webinar we cover:

  • Why satellite networks are so different compared to other types of network.
  • What a Virtual Test Network is.
  • A live demo of an application running over a satellite Virtual Test Network
Satellite Link Emulation

August 23rd - 2018

How To Avoid Making Players Your Game’s First Testers

Today’s gamers expect a great player experience regardless of the network that they’re connected to. But when network conditions put the player at a disadvantage – or worse the game is unplayable- then a bad review or negative social media post, is frequently the first step in expressing one’s anger and disappointment. Therefore surely it makes sense to develop and test games in an environment that accurately reflects the real-world network conditions for a player’s location – so that the game can be optimized to handle a myriad of network conditions.

In this webinar, you will learn how Virtual Test Networks can be used to create a secure test environment that looks and behaves just like the real-world network – an environment that’s not only under your complete control but is also repeatable too!

  • The impact that bad networks have on player experience.
  • Are your players actually your first testers?
  • What a Virtual Test Network is.
  • How to enhance your DevTest environment with a bad network!
  • Using a Virtual Test Network to create player networks.
  • Virtual Test Networks Solution Types

For more information, take a look at our Games Testing page.

Games Testing

August 2nd - 2018

How To Create Real-World Test Environments in Software defined test Networks

There is no doubt that VMware’s Server Virtualization has played a key part in scaling and optimizing test lab environments making it easier to mimic the real-world users and servers. But if, in the real-world, your users are remote to the servers then the network between them can affect application performance, usability and overall experience. So how can you mimic the real-world networks and conditions in a VMware Test Lab Environment?

In this webinar you will learn how enterprises are using Virtual Test Networks in a VMware environment including:

  • Why your testing is inadequate without a Virtual Test Network
  • What is a Virtual Test Network
  •  How to install and configure the iTrinegy NE-ONE Virtual Appliance using vSphere / vCenter
  • How to create a simple Virtual Test WAN configuration
  • How to extend the tests for multiple Virtual Test Networks (WAN, Satellite, Mobile, etc) for concurrent user testing
  • How to obtain your free Network Emulator trial to setup your own Virtual Test Networks
Use Case Briefing - WAN Emulation on VMWare's ESXi Server

July 19th - 2018

How To Achieve Realistic SD WAN Proof of Concept Testing

Researching the SD-WAN market can be a daunting experience and even when you have selected the vendors you would like to evaluate there is the additional nightmare of how you will test each product. Using production for proof-of-concept testing isn’t usually possible or recommended as it’s not a controllable or repeatable environment required for accurate SD-WAN product evaluation.

In this webinar you will learn how enterprises are using iTrinegy’s Virtual Test Network solutions for SD-WAN testing and product evaluation:

  • Test environment requirements for successful SD-WAN proof-of-concept testing
  • What is a Virtual Test Network
  • Example requirements for an SD-WAN PoC test environment
  • NE-ONE Network Emulator Live Demo including:
    • Creating a multi-link (Mobile/DSL/MPLS) configuration with different bandwidth, latency and packet loss criteria for each circuit.
    • Using the Network Scenario Builder to create a dynamic scenario that gradually changes the network conditions over time to affect quality and availability.
  • On-going benefits of using Virtual Test Networks for SD-WAN.
SD WAN Testing Page

Our Products

We offer two ranges of Network Emulator products
enabling you to replicate WAN conditions and environments in seconds:

The highly scalable NE-ONE Enterprise Network Emulator that can create any type of network for more complex, sophisticated emulations including fully-meshed Software Defined Test Networks.


NE-ONE Enterprise Range

The easy-to-use NE-ONE Professional Network Emulator boasts rapid deployment times and does not require any specialist network knowledge.



Both products are available in a number of model options to meet today's demanding requirements.